Sunday, October 18, 2009

FULL Seminar Papers Downloads

 Actually we can get Seminars & Seminar topics in web but up to certain extent like abstracts or only topic names. I have got a collection of 123 FULL SEMINAR PAPERS of various innovative ideas of Computer Science & Engineering.
I hope these papers will be useful to you for your Seminar Preparation and also for Paper Presentation Contests.
Download Full Papers of your Chosen Topics friends !!

Computer Science & Engineering (C.S.E) Seminar Topics

1.Cryptography & Network Security

2.Artificial Intelligence & Global Risk

3.Advances in Computer Power& Numerical Algorithm

4.Artificial Intelligence



7.PPT on Cellphones & Calls

8.Data Mining

9.Distribution Medium Access for Next Generation


11.Human Oriented Interaction with Robot

12.Identity Management

13.Mobile Computing

14.Mobile MultiRobot Systems

15.Network Security

16.Realtime 3d Human Capture System

17.RealTime Data Warehousing

18.Real Time Systems

19.A PPT on Robots


21.Vending Machine

22.Vistabook Speech Systems

23.Windows Vista

24.Web 3.0

25.Wireless Networks

26.Wireless LAN Security

27.Wireless Application Protocol

28.Wavelet Transforms

29.Voice Over Internet Protocol


31.Artificial Neural Network


33.64-bit Micro Processor

34.Adaptive Control System

35.Composite Materials

36.3D Machine Vision System

37.Air Brake System

38.Genetic Algorithm

39.Fuel Cells

40.Intelligent Cooling System

41.Diesel Engine

42.Metallurgical Changes in Systems

43.Six Sigma

44.Liquid Nitrogen

45.Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

46.Neural Networks

47.Automatic Speed Control Systems

48.Autoconfiguring Artificial Neural Network

49.Bluetooth Technology

50.Bluetooth Technology in Wireless Communications

51.Coding of Digital Audio

52.Contactless Smart Card

53.DCOM Technical Overview

54.CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access)

55.Digital Image Processing

56.Domain Name System

57.Digital Display Technology

58.Distributed Systems

59.Digital Signature

60.e-cash Payment

61.Embedded Systems

62.Free Space Optics

63.Fuzzy Coordination of Facts

64.EDGE Compact and EDGE Classic Packet Data Performance


66.Fuzzy Logic Control Design


68.Fuzzy Logic 

69.Fuzzy Logic in Embedded Systems


71.Hiding Data in Image by Substitution

72.Intelligent Wireless Video Camera

73.High Performance DSP Capability

74.Image Processing

75.Multimedia Messaging Service

76.Mobile ADHOC Network

77.Latest Smart Card Features

78.Micro Controllers Cable MODEM

79.IPV4-IPV6 Transition Technology

80.Mobile Computing

81.Multi Resolution Watermark

82.Nano Technology

83.New Trends in Cryptography

84.Network Custody System

85.RSA Algorithm

86.Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

87.Organic LED

88.Public Key Infrastructure

89.Satellite Communications

90.Slammer Worm: The Fastest Spreading Bombshell in Internet

91.Security Issues

92.Secure Internet Verification based on Image Processing

93.Smart Antenna

94.Silicon on Plastic

95.Tactile Sensing System Using Neural Systems

96.Smart Card

97.Socket Interface

98.Speech Recognitions Using DSP

99.Storage Area Network

100.Wavelet Transforms

101.Wireless WLAN Security

102.3G Wireless Technology

103.Voice Over Internet Protocol

104.Tool Command Language

105.Enterprise Security

106.Current Differential Protection

107.Application of Genetic Algorithm to Economic Load Dispatch

108.Artifical Intelligent Techniques in Power Systems

109.Application of Shunt Active Power Filter

110.An Expert System for Power Plants

111.Automatic Vehicle Locator

112.Nano Technology in Memory Devices

113.Digital Signal Processors

114.Bio Chips

115.Embedded System Digital Bike Operating System

116.VLSI Design

117.4G Communication

118.Adaptive Missile Guidance

119.Battery Model for Embedded Systems

120.PC tO PC Communication with IR

121.Software Defined Radio

122.Human Computer Interface

123.Cyber Crimes


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