Saturday, January 9, 2010

Download TCS Power Preparation

TCS Power Preparation  
TCS Power Preparation Material is amazing, comprising of all previous papers of T.C.S in PDF.You must see this before whatever material you are going to prepare friends !!
Even I done this and greatly benefited for recruiting into T.C.S,hope you would never miss this chance.
Disclaimer:Never Constraint for only this stuff.
This is for getting whole pattern in one glance.Do this first and go for another material since I got tons of benefit from this and recently recruited for T.C.S.
1.About The Company TCS
2.How to Apply TCS
3.TCS Talent Test Procedure
4.Talent Test Preparation
5.TCS Mock Test
6.TCS Quants
7.Select Meaning (Quick Test)
8.Select Meaning (Medium Test)
9.Select Meaning (Thorough Test)
10.Select Word(Quick Test)
11.Select Word(Medium Test)
12.Select Word (Thorough Test)
13.Unseen Passages
14.Logical Reasoning
15.Psychometric Test
16.C Quick Test
17.C Medium Test
18.C Thorough Test
19.Data Structures
21.SQL Queries
22.Computer Networks
23.Operating System

Easy stories to remember the Critical Reasoning answers in Barron's 12th edition.
I got 1 paragraph out of 3 paragraphs in Critical Reasoning section and some of my friends got all the three from Barron's in TCS recruitment Test on Jan 30, 2010.
This section will obviously makes difference in your score!!

I will tell you how to by heart them. Maximum 99.9 % they will give the reasoning paragraphs from the Barrons model papers as it is,
Without changing the order so just by heart them. They are
around 25 reasoning paragraphs with 4 questions leave the reasoning paragraphs  with 6 questions .

Download Barron's 12th Edition Critical Reasoning Short Stories.