Sunday, October 11, 2009

Award Winning Paper - Brain Finger Printing (PPT)

Paper Presentation Tips - Brain Finger Printing
I had been asked by some of my friends about the PPT which our team (G.V.D Deekshith & Me) won prizes and appreciations in various colleges. Concept is Brain Finger Printing quite interesting and unique topic which might be one of the reasons for award winning.

The only tip for getting ready to give efficient presentation is PRACTISE, as saying goes Practise makes Man Perfect. Just practice by standing infront of mirror as many times as you can before the actual presentation, then for sure you are going to grab the 1st Place.

Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest speakers use to practice his content infront of mirror prior to the actual speech though he is crystal clear of his speech.

See even great speakers do practise daily then how should we be then??

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