Friday, February 19, 2010

Recent INFOSYS Written Test Pattern

Recent INFOSYS Written Test Pattern

Verbal       - 40 questions 30 min
Reasoning - 30 questions 40 min

Verbal Section

1) Reading Comprehension.
2) Passages. 
Very lengthy and 5 question based on each passage.
3) Theme Detection.-5Q 
Very simple just read RS AGARWAL verbal and non verbal reasoning.
4) Sentence correction.-5Q 
Refer CAT material preferably TIME.
5) Fill in the appropriate word in the blanks with a sentence given.
Go through Most Frequency Words in BARRONS GRE 12th Edition.
Reasoning Section

1) Very simple question on cube was given.
2) Series Completion figures will be given expecting the next figure refer RS AGARWAL.
3) Data sufficiency Questions are asked in basics.Refer TIME material. Examples given in the beginning are enough.
4) Data interpretation This section you can attempt without any practice. Just look at some examples from any good book for data interpretation.
5) Reasoning question This question was a bit tricky names. Places and subjects were given. We should decode that to find which person belong to which place and teaches which subject.
6) Syllogism This is the basic questions. Just refer TIME material for question 5 and 6.Try to memories the table for syllogisms.

Disclaimer: Verbal cut off is 24/40.
                     Reasoning cut off is 18/30
                    Cut Offs are Fixed.