Sunday, October 11, 2009

Greatness of Kamayyathopu,Vijayawada - RGV

Greatness of Kamayyathopu,Vijayawada-Ram Gopal Varma
I came to know that RGV is a student from Siddhartha and stays in Kamayyathopu Vijayawada and he is fond of theater here.That's all nothing more but when I glanced RGV's blog I was really astonished to see the sole article The Biggest Thrill Of My Life on how he is fond of this place and how he came up.Though he is a big shot now with no odds he blogged lows in his life, that is greatness of RGV.
I'm very thrilled to stay here since 4 years where the Legend Ram Gopal Varma stayed.

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